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Modern Air Condition

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Our Services
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Majority of our staff are Filipino techicians who are well capable of delivering quality AC services to our clients.  This is also the reason why our name is quite popular in Jeddah, Makkah and Madinah areas.

Piping & Wiring (Tamdidad)

We are using Mueller copper pipe and standard sized power and control line wires made in U.S.A. to assure lifetime use of your AC with minimum maintenance cost.  MAC is very particular about quality materials and workmanship when it comes to this type of job.

Installation (Tarkip)

Over 50% of our workload is devoted to AC installation and we have been very successful in carrying out this task more efficiently due to our more than 12 years experience with various brand and models of ACs.

Maintenance (Sayanah)

MAC, as previously mentioned, has employed Filipino technicians to efficiently conduct troubleshooting, repairing and diagnosing tasks which must be carried out at the least cost and less time.

Ducting (Markazih)


Numerous ducting projects have been undertaken by MAC since 1993 and all of them had complied with SMACNA standards.  Our success in this field is by word of mouth from our satisfied customers and we are proud to be one of the leading name in duct fabrication and installation in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia.

Modern Air Condition - Wali Al Ahad St.  corner Khalid Bin Walid, Jeddah  -  6500490 ext 222 -  Mobile# 0502569764

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